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Why e-learning

The benefits of e-learning are vast in terms of cost and convenience. It is cheaper for both the student and the provider; neither needs to pay for travel costs, providers do not need to pay for classroom rental and students do not need to pay for numerous books. Scheduling is a benefit as you can time it for whenever it best suits your business.

Browse the comprehensive range of online health and safety courses provided by Cardinus, our specialist training Partner, and you can pick and choose exactly what you need, when you need it.

Within minutes of buying a course, through our safe and secure online payment mechanism, your staff can start working through engaging and interactive modules. Some courses take just 30-45 minutes to complete - but e-learning also gives you the chance to do the training in one sitting, or break it down into bite-sized chunks by saving and returning to the course later. Online courses can be conveniently studied around other work roles and responsibilities.

Workers, supervisors and managers can sit at their desks and work through the e-training at a time to suit them - and you.

Management stays in control all the time with a bespoke software package which enables supervisors or senior staff to see how far employees have progressed through the e-learning course. The system reports on the successful completion of quizzes, tests and scenarios and flags up any staff who need further support and training. It also has the functionality to enable you to email staff to encourage them to continue and complete the online training.

There's no need to wait for results to be marked or certificates to be issued. Successful completion of a course is recorded instantly and the management system creates an audit trail so you can prove staff training is up to date.

E-learning is a great alternative to bringing in expensive trainers and consultants to hold training sessions which can interrupt work for half a day or more at a time. But there's no compromise on quality. Our Partner has years of experience in creating effective, up to date training modules used by some of the world's biggest companies and by small and medium enterprises with tight budgets and busy working days.

Expert advice and support is available every step of the way once you have purchased a course through us. There are specific courses suitable For Offices and For Industry. You can also buy courses to improve Safety for Line Managers and Safety for Home Workers.

The e-learning courses test staff knowledge at every stage of training and help them identify risks and hazards making your workplace safer and more efficient.