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Online Health and Safety Courses

Below is a list of our online health and safety courses that we are able to provide you through our award winning Partner, Cardinus.

Simply click on the course that you require, pay online and within minutes you or your staff can be completing our specialist training!


Workstation Safety Plus – For Office

This award-winning course will ensure that your business is complying with the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations. Many UK central government departments use Workstation Safety Plus to manage their DSE risk - as do hundreds of private organisations, small to medium-sized businesses and large corporate companies. Click here to learn more!

Diversity & Inclusion – For Office

This e-learning course will develop the skills and knowledge of your workforce, and improve customer service, by ensuring that employees understand best practice in equality and diversity in the workplace and meet the obligations of equality legislation. Click here to learn more!

Safe Driving Plus – For Office & Industry

Taking this training will help anyone who drives for your company minimise their risk of having an accident. It will also help them avoid breaking the law and identify and change any bad habits and dangerous driving behaviours.  Click here to learn more!

Environmental Essentials – For Office & Industry

This quick and effective e-learning course will help companies to identify, measure and manage their environmental risks - an issue of growing importance from the point of view of both sustainability and corporate responsibility.  Click here to learn more!

Fire Risk Assessment – For Office & Industry

This is a professional, bespoke onsite survey which will help you protect your residential or commercial property from fire risks and also meet your legal obligations under The Fire Safety Order 2005, which came into effect in October 2006. Click here to learn more!

Online Fire Safety Course with Fire Safety Plus – For Office & Industry

Fire safety training is compulsory for all employees. This e-learning course delivers the necessary training in approximately 30 minutes but still covers all the essentials thoroughly making it a fast, cost-effective and efficient way of delivering training to your team. Click here to learn more!

Manual Handling for the Office – For Office

Poor handling in an office setting poses huge risks of accidents and injury to your staff.  This course will ensure your staff are suitably trained for the hazards they face and know how to avoid the risk of injury by using correct lifting techniques. Click here to learn more!

Effective Risk Assessment – For Office & Industry

This e-learning course is an introduction to the concept of risk assessment.  In a clear and concise way, this course will show employees why risks need to be handled in a methodical way and how risk control can be consistent and effective. Click here to learn more!

Security Awareness – For Office & Industry

This course will ensure that staff understand their role in ensuring the safety of people, property and data in any small or medium-sized business. Click here to learn more!

Manual Handling Plus – For Industry

This training course offers comprehensive manual handling training and surveys in one simple solution. It will ensure that your staff are complying with all manual handling regulations. Many of the world's leading organisations have chosen this Manual Handling Plus course to ensure their staff work safely every day. Click here to learn more!


Safety Induction Courses

Health and Safety Induction – For Office & Industry

This e-learning course delivers a thorough and cost-effective health and safety at work induction in around 30 minutes. This Health & Safety Induction can be completed in one sitting or across a number of sessions. Click here to learn more!

Health and Safety Essentials – For Office & Industry

This broad introduction to health and safety in the workplace will raise the awareness of your staff about possible hazards and improve the safety culture in your business or organisation. Click here to learn more!

Safety for Home Workers – For Office

An increase in flexible ways of working means that many companies now employ people who work from home some, or all, of the time. This course will help you understand the regulatory requirements around employing home workers. In one comprehensive and cost-effective package it covers Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations, fire and electrical safety and many more subjects. Click here to learn more!

Safety for Line Managers – For Office & Industry

Managers and supervisors are frequently the first line of defence when it comes to health and safety training. This course will ensure that they are aware of their legal and regulatory responsibilities and able to manage safely. Click here to learn more!


Stress Management Courses

Managing Stress at Work – For Office

This e-learning course will help employees apply the Health and Safety Executive Management Standards for work-related stress in your workplace. The Management Standards cover six key areas of work design that, if not properly managed, are associated with poor health and well-being, lower productivity and increased sickness absence. Click here to learn more!

Stress Indicator – For Office

This is an online survey/risk assessment tool based on the Health and Safety Executive's own Indicator Tool for work-related stress. It will help you benchmark your company against other businesses and organisations. Click here to learn more!


Why E-Learning?

E-learning is a simple, convenient, flexible and cost-effective way to train staff and managers in Health and Safety Essentials. It's ideal for sole traders, small businesses, medium-sized businesses and large corporates.