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Health & Safety in the Office

Are you managing health and safety in your office? Did you know that according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), three-quarters of a million people take time off work every year because of what they regard as a work-related illness? About 30 million work days are lost as a result, says HSE leaflet INDG275.

Protect your workforce

Accidents and ill health are costly to workers and their families, and also costly to the companies who suffer from a fall in productivity and low morale as a result. Company property and equipment can also be damaged or lost in accidents or through improper handling.

Get the training you need

Through OHS you can now access a wide range of interactive and engaging courses online which your staff and managers can complete in one sitting, or in a number of bite-sized sessions around their other work responsibilities. Buy the training you need, when you need it and avoid the

cost of bringing expensive trainers and consultants in to your office for training sessions which bring the office to a standstill.

Award winning courses

By using our award-winning training providers, Cardinus, our specialist training Partner's comprehensive management package, you can also measure and monitor training progress online and identify any staff who require further training and support. Our Partner's e-learning courses (below) can help you address legal and regulatory compliance but also improve efficiency and reduce and manage risks and costs.

See our full list of online health and safety courses

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Environmental Essentials

Fire Risk Assessment

Health and safety essentials

Safety Leadership

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Why E-Learning?

E-learning is a simple, convenient, flexible and cost-effective way to train staff and managers in Health and Safety Essentials. It's ideal for sole traders, small businesses, medium-sized businesses and large corporates.