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Industrial Health & Safety

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) warns that directors and managers can be held personally accountable for failures to control health and safety. Please refer to HSE's Managing HSE leaflet for more information.

Protect your business interests

Every year three-quarters of a million people take time off work because of what they regard as a work-related illness. About 30 million working days are lost as a result. Accidents and ill health are costly and distressing for workers and their families, and also costly to the companies who suffer from a fall in productivity and low morale as a result. Company property and equipment can also be damaged or lost in accidents or through improper handling.

Educate to save money

To avoid these costs on the bottom line of your company's profit and loss accounts, you can access a range of courses suitable for your industry. E-learning saves your company time and money because staff can access the courses online at a time that suits them and their managers. Progress can be saved and the course completed over a number of bite-sized sessions.

Years of experience has gone into producing engaging and interactive online resources which include quizzes, animations and real-life scenarios to keep your staff engaged and interested and help them retain the information long after the training is completed.

Trusted courses

All e-learning courses (below) provided by Cardinus, our specialist training Partner, are backed by trusted bespoke software and a comprehensive management package which allows you to measure and monitor course completion and identify any staff who require further training and support.

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Why E-Learning?

E-learning is a simple, convenient, flexible and cost-effective way to train staff and managers in Health and Safety Essentials. It's ideal for sole traders, small businesses, medium-sized businesses and large corporates.