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Health and Safety is a large and complex subject. Our entire approach is based on a desire to help you to achieve two main objectives.

  1. Make health and safety as simple as possible.
  2. Making health and safety commercially viable.

By understanding the risks that your business presents to your employees, customers and other interested parties we will deliver a simple, compliant and commercially acceptable solution.

To get in touch please fill in the form opposite and we will be in contact, or call us and we will put you in touch with one of our consultants directly.

To achieve these objectives our consultants work within the following code.

To achieve our Client’s objectives our consultants work within the following code.


  1. Be honest – in all our work we are honest and forthright.
  2. Avoid conflict of interest – wherever possible we will work to avoid any conflict of interests, if one arises we promptly take action to manage it.


  1. Ensure that all our consultants are competent to undertake proposed work.
  2. Undertake continual professional development to ensure that we are aware of current best practice for the proposed work


  1. Respect the rights and privacy of the organisations that we work for.
  2. Have due regard for the effect our professional activities have on our clients.
  3. Respond promptly and appropriately to disputes and complaints.


  1. Ensure that the terms of appointment and works are clearly recorded in writing.
  2. Carryout our work in a timely manner.
  3. Ensure our professional advice is accurate, proportionate and communicated in an appropriate format.
  4. Have due regard for levels of service and continual customer care.