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Welcome to the OHS Advice. In this section we provide a selection of articles which we hope you will find useful in understanding more about general Health and Safety requirements, their impact in the work place and what you can do to make your business fully compliant.

Feel free to get in touch if you feel that we haven’t covered a specific topic, or would like us to cover an existing one in more depth.

Protecting Pregnant Employees In The Workplace

When you're working during pregnancy, you are at risk of certain injuries you are less likely to suffer from when not pregnant. Because of this, it is important for employers to be aware of the...

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Dealing With Remote Worker DSE Issues

The increase of a mobile workforce is a great thing for employers and employees. Employers can hire top talent from anywhere in the world, unrestricted by geographical location. Employees can...

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Is It Time Your Company Got An EMS?

Environmentalism was once thought of as an unnecessary concern in the boardroom, something to push aside in favour of more 'pressing' business issues. However, a well publicised incident at...

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Essential Reading - HSE's Recent Workplace Fatalities Data

The initial data findings of the HSE relating to UK based work-related fatal accidents have revealed a minor overall change in fatality rates. The data shows that 142 workers were fatally injured...

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Just Half An Hour Of iPad Use Is Bad News For A Child's Future Health

New research has been released warning that kids using iPads for anything over 30 minutes could be susceptible to chronic neck and back pain in adulthood. The findings show that the typical '...

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A Guide to Buying An Office Chair

Office seating is important, which is what makes the process of buying one so tricky. It's a hard task to find one chair that suits everyone, and there are lots of other things to consider such as...

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Does Your Organisation Stigmatize Mental Health Issues At Work

Did you know, a sixth of all British workers suffer from anxiety and depression? with hugely competitive industries, massive amounts of stress and working hours growing ever longer, it's no wonder...

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The Brand New Safe Driving Plus E Learning Programme From OHS

Safe Driving Plus has been rebuilt and transformed into a brand new, redesigned product - available right now.

Safe Driving Plus has always been an incredibly popular road safety e-learning...

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Bridging the Health & Safety and Risk Management Knowledge Gap

Coaching sports and health and safety is vital, and has no impact on how much fun sports is for the children being coached.

Nearly 16 million adults take part in sports in the UK and over...

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Headaches In The Workplace

Presenteeism is a word you may have not heard before, however it is currently a 'hot word' within business. The word represents employees who attend their shift at work when they are ill. This...

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