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Frequently Asked Questions


OHS brings together online training for businesses of all sizes offered by Cardinus, our specialist training provider.

Our Partner from their offices in the UK and US, has been producing e-learning and risk management solutions for over ten years. Through the partnership between us and Cardinus, we are able to offer a range of e-learning products designed to help you comply with national regulations, reduce your risk and injury levels and reduce the overall administrative burden of your safety training programmes.

The results achieved with our products are so impressive that many hundreds of corporate organisations use our Partner's products, alongside central government departments and a growing number of SME’s, to manage their risk.

As well as e-learning and software-based solutions, we (OHS) are able to provide in-company consultancy and training to help you in a number of risk-based areas. In particular we specialise in:

  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE)/Ergonomics risk (software solutions, DSE Assessor training, DSE Assessments, etc.)
  • Fleet Risk Management (comprehensive range of services including in-vehicle training, drivers' license checks, etc.)
  • Manual Handling (software, in-company services, assessments, etc.)
  • Property Surveys (asbestos, insurance valuations, etc.)
  • Stress Management (software solutions, consultancy, counselling, etc.)

Whether you need help assessing and identifying risks, producing policies and plans to mitigate that risk or operational support to undertake activities, our products can help. Simply telephone us on (UK) 0845 2993 416 to discuss your requirements.

Software Solutions

Of course. If you would like an online presentation we would be happy to arrange one. Simply telephone (UK) 0845 2993 416.

Our Partner offers a range of e-learning and self-assessment products.

Our e-learning utilises a range of features including interactive sequences and quizzes. All of these are designed to ensure your employees complete the course with a good level of understanding that can be evidenced through a formal test. In addition, our e-learning courses give your employees' the chance to complete them at their convenience, fitting around their working schedule. It is possible to either finish the training course in one sitting or break the course down into more manageable sections by saving progress and returning later. Results are instant, meaning performance is easily monitored.

The results of this training activity are saved to "PACE", our Partner's management module.

Some courses have self-assessment features too (for example, Manual Handling Plus, Safe Driving and Workstation Safety Plus). These self-assessment features are designed to help you stay compliant with UK legislation and identify employees who are exposed to risk. This information is also saved to PACE.

Content for the above features undergoes rigorous internal and external expert-review on a regular basis.

PACE brings all of this data together so you can easily analyse it and make sure you remain compliant and are meeting your goals. You can also launch emails inviting users to participate in your training program and send reminders to those who do not respond.

All training data is available for you to review and report on. This includes progress of users, details of users who have finished or not yet started, etc. The risk assessment information provided is also easily seen with validated processes for managing this risk, ensuring your employees are working safely.

Purchasing and delivering options

There is a legal requirement to maintain data for a number of years after collection. Should you decide to stop using our Partner's products to deliver your training and risk assessments you can easily print out or export all data into Microsoft Excel or similar software.

Our Partner is available at any time to give advice about your options.

Our Partner currently hosts servers for many of the worlds’ most data-sensitive organisations and are regularly audited to ensure all data is secure. As such our Partner has rigorous security arrangements in place around its servers.

The Production Server environment is designed for high security including protection by twenty-four hour monitored alarms and fire detection with further access restrictions to the server rooms via logged card access doors.

Our Partner would be happy to supply you with full security details on request. Please note, our Partner may ask you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for detailed specifications.

To use our Partner's solutions you simply purchase credits from us. The price of these credits may vary so please refer to our website for current pricing. Many of our courses require only one credit. However some courses with a self-assessment module may need two credits. The number required is clearly shown on our website.

Larger organisations requiring perpetual or 12-month rental licensing should contact us on (UK) 0845 2993 416.

Our SME customers enjoy the same functionality as our larger enterprise customers, with minor restrictions. These restrictions are mainly from an administrative perspective to simplify the process, as our SME customers generally do not normally have the same levels of resources as our enterprise customers. Please note though that all of our customers, regardless of size, receive the same award-winning e-learning.

Our e-learning courses are sold in two ways. Our e-commerce site is ideal for small and medium sized companies. You simply purchase credits as and when needed via our website and ‘top up’ your account as often as you like. Credits can vary depending on your chosen course.

Larger organisations (more than 200 employees) may opt for our (OHS) 12-month rental or perpetual license model. Unlike e-commerce, which is purely web-based, these options provide for hosted delivery or installation onto your own servers. These FAQ’s refer solely to the commerce model.

If you are unsure of which license option to choose simply contact OHS to discuss your requirements.

Hardware and software requirements

Our software requires a minimum screen resolution of 800x600.

If you choose the hosted option, you and your staff will just need PCs with access to the Internet. The software uses no Java but some course content uses Flash player. The software is not bandwidth-intensive and has been designed with low-to-medium connectivity in mind. However, for practical purposes, our Partner would not recommend accessing the courseware over anything less than a 56K modem.

The courses support all operating systems; however, there are a number of non-compatible browsers, which are as follows:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • IE version <8
  • Firefox version > 43
  • Safari

If you have any concerns about compatibility please do not hestitate to get in touch for further clarification.


Customisation is normally only available for customers of our perpetual licenses who are deploying across large numbers of people. Our Partner's courses undergo regular expert reviews so all content and advice is deemed to follow best-practice principles in line with national regulations.

If you would like to discuss customisation, please contact us on (UK) 0845 2993 416.

Going live

There are two aspects to this:

  • How will students login to the courses?
  • How will they find out about the courses?

To login to the course(s), each student is assigned a unique identifier which they use along with their surname to access the course(s). The unique identifier can be anything from a personnel number to an email address or Windows login identifier etc.


Students are usually informed about course(s) by emails which are generated by PACE. Each student receives an introductory message containing a hyperlink. The hyperlink will take students straight to the login page ensuring the entire process is simple and manageable.


When you purchase your e-commerce credits through us you will receive from our Partner: training manuals, quick guides and an interactive e-learning course explaining how the system works.

Further guidance is provided through proactive Help features and FAQs. Of course, our Partner is available to help you personally too!

Ongoing use

Our Partner operates a policy of continuous improvement for both the courses and PACE management tool. If health and safety legislation changes in any way that materially affects the courses offered, then the courses will be upgraded. Similarly, if customer feedback or market forces result the need for change, the software may be updated at the sole discretion of our Partner.

The PACE management tool in particular has benefited from substantial improvements in functionality over recent months. In addition, our Partner is always keen to hear about customer requirements and maintain a ‘wish-list’ of desired items.

Our Partner's systems are extremely robust and many issues can be easily resolved using the help files described above. If technical support is needed it will be provided during the following times:

UK: Between 09.00 – 17.30 (GMT/BST) Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays and Public Holidays

Our Partner provides support in line with their Service Level Agreements and will make reasonable efforts to correct the Error and provide a corrected version of the Software within the time limits set out below. The time limits vary according to the nature and severity of the Error. Our Partner will be responsible for determining how severe the Error is (and therefore what time limits apply). Severity categories and applicable time limits are as follows:

Severity of Error

Target time limit for correction – Hosting Service

Target time for correction – Intranet Delivery

Severity category 1. An error making the software totally inoperable.

4 hours during specified times above

4 hours during specified times above

Severity category 2. A Software error causing substantial problems in use of the Software. No Workaround available.

1 day

4 days

Severity category 3. Error causing substantial problems in use of the Software. Workaround available.

4 days

Next Product Release

Severity category 4. Any other Error

Next Product Release

Next Product Release

Occasionally our Partner may amend our Service Level Agreement. Please contact us for a copy of the full support terms.

After they have completed their training, users answer a series of risk assessment questions. Risk ratings on a scale of 0-10 are associated with each response to each question in the risk assessment. All ratings can be modified in the course configuration database.

Risk ratings are colour coded as follows: 0-3 Green, 4-6 Amber, 7-10 Red. The highest rating for any question/group is shown against the user's record, so a simple visual inspection will indicate those in red which need to be dealt with first.

All risk assessment questions and scores undergo an internal and external expert review on a regular basis.

There are a number of ways of doing this through PACE (the management module that accompanies the training courses).

PACE provides all of the data you need to see who has completed the training, who has partially completed and those who have not yet begun.


We operate a proactive customer service programme used to measure customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with our courses, our service or that of our Partner or, any other matter, in the first instance please contact us on 0845 2993 416 or contact us.